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This is the opportunity to visit another Central American country just for the day and experience their culture, nature and great souvenirs shops. We'll start the trip early in the morning driving on the Pan-American Highway. It will take about 2 hrs to get to Nicaragua's border and right after that you will start seen the lake. Our first stop of interest will be right at the active volcano of Masaya where you will have the opportunity to stand right next to its crater. The next stop will be at the Masaya markets to do some shopping and experience the Nicaraguan's life style. We will also visit Granada, one of the oldest colonial towns in Central America, where we will enjoy a ride on a horse cart around the most popular corners of this antique town.


A Brief History
During the pre-Columbian age, Masaya Volcano was an object of veneration by the indigenous people. They believed the eruptions were signs of anger from the gods and to appease them they offered sacrifices, which often included small children and maidens. Later, during the Conquest, the Spaniards baptized the active volcano "La Boca de Inferno" or "The Mouth of Hell". They then planted a cross "La Cruz de Bobadilla" (named in honor of the Father Francisco Bobadilla). It was placed on the crater lip in the 16th century in order to exorcise the Devil. The volcano was visited by a number of Spaniards in search of "the gold of the volcano". Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo in 1529 and Friar Blas del Castillo in 1538 were among the unsuccessful excavators. In 1670, the Nindri Volcano made its last eruption followed by the Masaya Volcano in 1772. The lava formed by this later eruption advanced like a river of fire to the area now known as Piedra Quemada or burnt rock. In 1852, a new crater, Santiago was formed between the two existing volcanoes.

 Going to beautiful Granada town is our next step, where we stop at the Granada plaza, then take a horse drawn carriage ride through the city . Then we’ll head back to Costa Rica.


This has turned out to be one of our most popular tours.

All land tours include transportation pick up from your hotel by a bilingual guide. Spanish, English spoken. Personalized service in comfortable air conditioned vehicles with 6 person maximum.

What to bring: Passport, hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, shorts and t-shirt or light cloth, bug spray.

Duration: 13 hrs.

Tour includes: a/c vehicle, bilingual guide, border fees, entrance to the volcano park, lunch and Granada city tour.


We can arrange overnight trips too so please inquire.

For more information or reservations please email me




Powder Burns courtesy of William Walker