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Palo Verde River Tour




Palo Verde National Park is a wildlife sanctuary.  Scientists from all over the world come to study this rich ecosystem that combines rivers, marshland, mangroves and dry forest.  Our river cruise will take us on the Tempiski  River, the most important in Guanacaste.  You will admire the natural beauty of this park while looking for crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas and thousands of birds (over 300 species) that migrate to Palo Verde. Lunch is served at a restaurant  after the  2 1/2 hour boat ride. We also stop for some shopping on the way back to the hotel.

Although the "Palo Verde River Tour" is done by many companies we have gone to great lengths to make this days excursion more than just a boat trip up a river. We access the river at a very narrow spot where the large tour buses can't enter.  Here the river is narrow, so narrow the tides affect the times when we can access it. Our boats can now slip from side to side as we see wild life.....not with binoculars but face to face as you can see in the picture below as a white faced monkey hops on the boat to get a better look at the people inside.  You not only see crocodiles but in the picture shown here Shirley got to have a very close encounter.

After the tour is finished we now go to a carefully selected traditional Costa Rican restaurant where the food is still prepared on wood stoves. The comments about the food here almost out number the comments on the river tour.

After lunch we could follow the large tour buses to the "tourist souvenir warehouses" but we have selected to take you into Playa del Coco. Just as much selection but with smaller shops, some still with dirt floors and more of a Costa Rican fishing village atmosphere.

We also stop at our local grocery store where you can pick up some of our locally made hot sauces and coffee.

To us it is all a matter of quality tours!


Take our "Virtual Tour" - click on the link below

http://homepage.mac.com/marketman2/Sites/gecr/vargas/paloverde/ index.html


This trip is  approximately  a 1 1/2 hr drive from the Papagayo - Hermosa area.

Pick up at your hotel and drop off is included.

What to bring: Shorts, t-shirt, hat, tennis shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, binoculars (optional), and cameras.

Duration: 8 hrs

Tour includes: a/c transportation, bilingual guide, lunch and boat ride.



For more information or reservations please email me



                                                                    Roberto and his group



                                                             Marcello, Dalila and staff  -  wonderful food cooked on woodstoves






Thanks Hilda


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