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Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama Information


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El Velero Mike & Mike

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Playa Hermosa Sunset Swim


El Velero Boat


Upper Deck Sports Bar


Hardware Store

Restaurants & Activities in Playa Hermosa & Playa Panama

El Velero - Barbeques on Wed & Saturday nights (on the beach) Great lobster but you have to reserve before all the locals do.......inside tip which will cost me!   Good variety of dishes from seafood to steak. One of the best restaurants for a good old "American Breakfast". Great bar to meet the local North American's and a very colorful owner from Hamilton, Ontario.  






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Playa Hermosa Video

La Finesterra Views to die for overlooking Playa Hermosa and the Gulf of Papagayo.  A fantastic restaurant which is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinners. Your hosts are George and Sheila who make sure all your needs are attended too. Incredible for sunsets.   

Villa Del Sueno - fine dining  at it's best.  Great food & wine Sylvia & Claude as your hosts. At the south end of the beach. The owners are professional musicians and have "special appearances" from other musicians from North America . You will not want to leave.


Gingers - fine dining - bocas from a world class chef .....Martinis, one, two, three, four....stop.  Grey Goose Martinis  are Anne's specialty. Spoil yourself and don’t miss dining here! Reservations are recommended on weekends. 5 minute walk from Condovac






Aquasport Restaurant  - on the beach 1/2 way down.  Good selection of seafood and local dishes. They also have kayak rentals, small sail boat rentals, snorkeling tours.

Mini Super Grocery Store & Restaurant – just down the street from Diving Safaris on the 2nd   beach access. They just opened a little restaurant…...nothing fancy but a great place to have a traditional Costa Rican meal….great fried chicken too! There is also a gift shop here.

Pescado Loco - Good local Costa Rican food – economical.  (behind El Velero) In the evenings it is a gathering place for locals for drinks. Open until the last person leaves..............I know as we can hear the music until the last person leaves!

Super Luperon has also just opened a new grocery store on the main road in between the 2 beach access's. FRESH veggies and fruit and bakery items along with everything else you find in a grocery store. Good selection of wines, liquor and beer.

Upper Deck Sport Bar are open every day from the 9:00 am to the 2:00 am (or when the last customer is ready to go) 

National and international sports, we have two satellites dish, the environment is full of pictures of sports, we have a variety of excellent liquors , great American food like our famous “Big boy Buffalo wings”, potato skins, Colgan  Hamburger ,  BBQ Ribs and much more!!!!!!!!!!!! 


They have 10 monitors so you can watch your favourite sport in the table that you want, we are the only ones in the area with air condition. We also have a game room with pool tables, darts, foosball and much more.

                200 meters north of Century 21 in the Hermosa Heights Commercial Center.

                         Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste,   2-672-1276 or 2-672-1275





Diving Safaris – on the 2nd beach access offer daily diving, snorkeling, and NEW - Sea Spy's

Aquasport Restaurant  - on the beach 1/2 way down They also have a gift shop, kayak rentals, small sail boat rentals, snorkeling tours.

There are another dozen restaurants and another dozen bars in Playa del Coco…..a 10 minute taxi from Playa Hermosa. A fishing village that also offers grocery stores, bank, post office, Police station and probably the best location for souvenir shopping. Much better than Liberia.


There are boats on the beach offering snorkeling, local & deep sea fishing and sightseeing tours. Having sailed and offered daily sailing/snorkeling tours on my own boat for 5 years I am perhaps overly cautious when it comes to water activities as the weather can change quickly here. Just make sure who ever you use has the basic safety equipment as VHF radios and life jackets before boarding.

For land tours….well everyone with a car, van or has been there once is a tour operator. Make sure who ever you use …….are licensed to do tours, have insurance and have some references. The major hotels offer the large tour operators who are safe and legal. They operate on volume with large tour groups.

The beach doesn’t have rip tides and is a safe "Blue Flag" beach. Don’t leave valuables on shore while you swim at any beach or they will quickly disappear.

Have fun and enjoy you stay in Costa Rica. You can always reach Josta at 8-395-6090 if you plan some tours or just need some advice.


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Playa Panama

The quiet and tranquil beach of Playa Panama is located just north of Playa Hermosa. Enormous Guanacaste trees (the national tree) grow up from the dark sand within feet of the ocean's edge. The water is very calm and great for swimming.

 A couple of all inclusive resorts are on either end of the beach as well. Playa Panama has a mountain lake-side feel to it and is definitely worth a stop.

Playa Panama is the next beach north of Playa Hermosa.

Earls Beach Club is right on the beach in Playa Panama located at the first beach access, a short walk from Sol Papagayo (Nakuti)

Happy hour daily and great food. 


For hikers staying at the Grand Papagayo - Go out the main gate to the road and turn right, walk about 200 meters and you will see a dirt road on the left. Take some water, it is a great hike and worth it when you reach the top of the mountain. You can see Nicaragua to the north all Playa Hermosa and the Gulf of Papagayo to the west and south. My wife and I drive up there all the time with a bottle of wine to watch the sunsets.   Pictures taken in the height of dry season. New pictures will be posted when the rains start in a few weeks.


Views of Playa Hermosa, Gulf of Papagayo, south and south west.


Views of Culebra Bay, Playa Panama and Nicaragua mountains to the North.


The Riu Hotel


   Watch the video to see the property and restaurants.


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